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Bio of Kevin Giblin:

Kevin Giblin, the 23 year old singer/songwriter from Paramus, New Jersey, has a very interesting musical background. He has always had a passion for music since he was little, but never really knew how to express it until his freshman year in high school. He is now an alumni of the University of Scranton; the school that inspired him to write most of his hit songs. His new album "Agape" is due out 1.11.11 and contains so many great songs.

Although Kevin's musical journey started when he was young, taking piano lessons up until 4th grade, his serious music career did not start until he was a freshman in high school. During his freshman year, he began to write songs such as "Forever" and "Best Friends Are Forever."

It was not until the release of "The Final Project" that Kevin believed he might have a future in the music business. When he got to college he began to play at local coffee shops and open mic nights to attempt to gain experience and exposure. It was through these and similar experiences that led Kevin to begin writing songs for his next album. This new album, titled "The Second Semester", has helped Kevin gain more respect in the music industry. Now, Kevin's new album "Agape" is set to turn the music world upside down and literally "set the world on fire".

Now that Kevin is almost finished with his college career, he will be looking to take more time to focus on music. More info on this coming soon!

About "Agape":

Agape comes from Greek; translated into English it means "love". Agape love is understood to be the highest kind of love one can give to another. Agape is not a romantic kind of love, however it is more of a love shared among friends. Some describe Agape as “God’s gift to mankind”.

The reason I chose to name the album Agape came from a personal reflection when I decided that one word summed up the album perfectly. Also, you can find the word “Agape” in my song “Sleeping in the Stars”. This song was written for a late friend of mine who was taken from this earth more suddenly than anyone could have imagined. I hope that this one song can show how much love we had for her, and hopefully you can relate the song to anyone in your life you’ve lost.

On a lighter note, I really tried to turn things around on this album and made things more upbeat and positive. There really is a sense of optimism throughout the entire album that shows no matter what happens, everything will work out alright.

The album starts off with the song “Electric City” which speaks about life after college and how no matter what you end up doing, you’ll eventually find that everything will work out right.

“I Can’t Do It On My Own” basically relays the message that no single person should try to go through live on their own. Humans are social beings and we should reach out to each other for support.

“The Strangest of Creations” talks about my experiences with love, and how basically I’m still trying to find love. I hope the song delivers the message that you shouldn’t lose hope with love, love can be fickle but believe it or not you can use that to your advantage. Do I believe in true love? Yes; but have I found it yet? no.

For more info about the new album, check back soon.

About "The Second Semester":

The Second Semester is a very unique and original project for Kevin. It literally takes you through everything Kevin went through during his second semester of college. Even though the title does refer to Kevin’s college life, it also refers to how Kevin hopes this album will be a new beginning to his musical career.

The album fuses acoustic rock with upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies. Each track was personally written, recorded, and produced by Kevin himself.

Kevin says that the main reason he decided to record this album was to try to help teens dealing with new found responsibilities such as college, living on your own, growing up, and being an adult.

“My dream is that my music will be able to prevent at least one shooting and/or one suicide from occurring. I know life’s not easy, so just try to be yourself and you CAN get through it. I feel my generation greatly needs a voice of hope, someone to just be there to let you know everything will be alright. I hope I can be that voice.”

“I know what it’s like to be hurt, alone, scared, and I believe this album shows how to cope with these emotions. Ever since I became a teenager, I realized the best way to get rid of these emotions is to write it out. You’ll be surprised, not only will you feel better about yourself, but you also might understand more about what is wrong and learn what you need to do.”

Just remember, you are stronger then you might think.